You are the juice master, is this blend plan better than your juice plans?

Yes and no! If you are the type of person who would never do one of my juice plans due to having to clean a juicer, then yes, this blend plan is better than not doing a plan at all. However, if you are someone who would embrace one of my juice plans, then I would say Super Juice Me! is better than Super Blend Me!

The reason for this is due to the sheer level of micronutrients and plethora of ingredients that go into the Super Juice Me! plan. There are many things which are better juiced (such as raw beetroot, carrots, etc.) and mean the level of good quality, raw plant nutrition in Super Juice Me!, is higher than in Super Blend Me! The blends I have put together in the Super Juice Me! plan are a combination of freshly extracted juices, which are then blended with some avocado or banana. The blends in Super Blend Me! use the liquid from either coconut milk, coconut water, almond milk or oat milk. These are wonderful nutritious liquids, but, for me, don’t match up to some freshly extracted organic vegetable juice as the liquid. That said, Super Blend Me! is actually better for some people, like those who are already pretty lean and wish to sustain the exercise they are doing, lose body fat and gain muscle mass. It also appeals to those people who simply don’t have enough time to do a juice plan.

I personally now do both depending on my mood and goals. Sometimes, I’ll have a blend for breakfast and lunch, other times I go back to my juices. I still feel the ultimate juice / blend combo is the Turbo Charge Smoothie from my 7-Day Juice Challenge. I have made a blend only version of that recipe in this Super Blend Me! plan, but I still feel you can’t beat the original with freshly extracted juice. I would say try Super Blend Me! and Super Juice Me! on for size when needing a clean up, and see what feels right and works for you. I found that at the end of the 21 days of blends I was craving a freshly extracted juice like crazy, but then juices are part of my everyday world. If time is an issue but you want a great juice plan, if your budget allows, you can always pop over to www.juicemasterdelivered.com and get one of my plans already made and delivered right to your door!

Can i drink tea + coffee on the plan?

Yes and no. I appreciate that sounds a little vague, but it’s my genuine answer! If you want to give the plan 100%, and follow as outlined, then clearly it’s a no. However, if a couple of cups of coffee a day is the only way you will stick to it, then it’s a yes. There are many extremely good alternatives to coffee and English breakfast tea, such as green and peppermint tea, so why not try these on for size over the first 3 days. Come day 4 – the end of the withdrawal period – chances are you’ll be in the herbal tea groove and want to continue.

If you do find yourself at your local coffee house whilst on the plan and still fancy a cheeky caffeine fix, then please heed this advice – STAY AWAY FROM THE MILKSHAKES POSING AS COFFEES. Most ‘coffees’ at these big chains are nothing more than large coffee-flavoured milkshakes. They contain mainly milk, with very little coffee, and if you go for a flavoured option they’ll add a generous pump or two of syrup, which will also be loaded with sugar. Herbal teas are definitely the way to go and the good news is, if you order a large one, you can ask for two teabags at no extra cost (although it will be hotter than the sun, so ask for ice!). The only downside is, because there’s no waiting time, they don’t take your name for the cup, so you don’t get the chance to make up a random one when asked. Whenever I order a flat white, for example, I’m always Mr. Snuffleupagus (Big Bird’s ‘imaginary’ friend from Sesame Street) and I highly recommend, if you do still choose to grab a coffee every now and then, giving the name game a go (or try Engelbert, it works just as well!).

How much weight will I lose?

This depends on a lot of factors. If you are male with weight to lose, chances are you will drop more than a woman with the same amount of weight to lose. This is because men, on average, require more fuel per day than women (due to size, muscle mass and so on). So, when a man and woman with the same weight to lose have the same amount of fuel going in, the man will inevitably drop more weight. If you don’t have that much weight to lose, then chances are you will only lose what the body wants you to, and then it will regulate itself. If you do, then the amount you lose will depend on whether you exercise along with the plan, the type of exercise you do and, of course, whether or not you cheat! The average woman with weight to lose, who does at least 30 minutes of exercise a day alongside the plan, can expect to drop around 5-7lbs by doing the minimum 7-day Super Blend Me! Challenge. A man doing the same thing can expect to drop around 7-10lbs. If you do the full 21-day Super Blend Me! Challenge, you can expect to drop between 14-20lbs, depending on the factors previously mentioned. There are no hard and fast rules here, and although for many weight loss is one of the main incentives for doing SBM!, the overall objective should always be well-being and supplying the body and mind with the right fuel for optimum health – weight loss should never be the only focus here.

Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes. There are some recipes with yoghurt in, but you can use a vegan alternative like coconut yoghurt.

Can I exercise on the plan?

Yes, and it’s hugely encouraged. This plan has been specifically designed with plenty of plant-based protein, and is therefore ideal for those who wish to exercise at the same time. I would highly recommend setting yourself a 10-day exercise challenge at the same time as the Super Blend Me! 10-Day Challenge. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening will give good after-burn and won’t create too much adrenal fatigue, either. It is up to you, but if you want maximum results then get your body moving a couple of times a
day too.

I can’t get hold of a certain ingredient for a recipe, what do I do?

Be smart and just adjust intelligently. For example, if a recipe calls for spinach and kale and you run out kale, just add more spinach. If you can’t get hold of cashew butter and can only find almond butter, then just use almond. Run out of coconut milk? Use another milk instead. I think you get the idea – if you can’t get hold of one ingredient, simply replace with one which is as close as you can get.

I’m allergic to ________ what do I do?

If you are genuinely allergic to any of the ingredients in the recipes, then clearly just leave them out! If you have a nut allergy, then this plan isn’t for you – there are just far too many uses of nuts throughout the plan (milk / butter / fresh) to even try to adjust. However, if you’re allergic to apples but okay with pears, then just simply swap them out.

How many calories roughly per blend?

Each blend in this Super Blend Me! Challenge  is roughly 350 calories.

I don’t have a bullet-type blender; can I still do the plan using any blender?

Yes, you can do Super Blend Me! with any blender. I mention the NutriBullet and NutriBullet Balance in this book because they are very good and the market leaders. I also love the new technology they have come up with, but if you have a different blender, you’ll still be good to go. The only thing I would say is that not all blenders are built the same, so just make sure it can do the job. A lot of people tend to buy a new bullet / blender before starting on a plan of this nature, as often, when you invest in something, it gives you an added incentive. It’s like when you get some new gym kit, you feel more inspired to work out; in much the same way, a shiny new blender will inspire you to commit to the plan and use it.

I’m diabetic, can I still do the plan?

Yes and no! I am not a doctor and I obviously don’t know your personal circumstances (like every condition, there’s a spectrum of disease) so I’m not really in a position to be able to give you a concrete yes or no. What I will say is that if you have type 2 diabetes, I see no reason on earth why this plan wouldn’t be safe for you or even have a positive impact on your condition. Each Super Blend has plenty of soluble and insoluble fibre, which acts as a natural buffer against sugar spikes, and most are rich in good fats and protein. There is also the option of two daily Hunger SOSs, so in terms of making sure your blood sugars are regulated, we’ve got it covered. However, as always, I have to tell you to “please consult your doctor first” (I always find it funny that you don’t have to do this before going on a bender in Vegas for a week, but hey!) You know your personal condition far better than I do, so do what feels right for you (after you’ve had a chat with your doctor of course).

I’m feeling tired on the plan, is this normal?

Yes, especially during the first 72 hours, which I refer to as the withdrawal stage. However, once you’re past that, you should find a good sustained level of energy. It’s also important that you realise that not everything you experience is because of the challenge.

Do I need to drink all of my blends?

This varies from person to person. Like when eating, you should only drink your blends until you’re nicely satisfied – not bloated.  When you are feeding your body what it actually  needs and eliminate the nutritionally empty, addictive and additional hunger-causing junk foods, you start feeling genuinely satisfied and fuller for longer. This often comes as an unexpected but nice surprise to many, who expect to feel constantly hungry throughout their Super Blend Me!  experience. The key is to listen to your body and don’t try to force-feed yourself the blends. If you’re feeling full halfway through, pop the rest in a flask / bottle and drink later. Your body can only give you the signal of being genuinely satisfied if you drink your blends slowly, as instructed. This gives enough time for your body to send feelings of satisfaction to the brain.  There are some who will have all of their blends and their Hunger SOSs , whilst there will be others who just won’t be able to consume all of their blends and therefore have zero Hunger SOSs  – both are perfectly fine.

Can I freeze the blends?

Yes, you can, but why bother? The beauty of Super Blend Me! is that you only need your blender. Of all the kitchen appliances, a blender is by far the easiest to clean. A Super Blend takes seconds to make, and the blender seconds to clean. Even if you take into account the time it takes to prep the ingredients, the whole process shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes. If you have a bullet-type blender, then you can even drink your blend from the cup you made it in – so even less washing up. As mentioned, you can freeze your blends, but why bother when it’s so quick to blend and enjoy fresh? You are only having three blends a day, so you can make your first two in the morning (take one to work and store in the fridge) and then make your evening Super Blend fresh when you get in. Many people, if finances allow, get an extra bullet / blender for the workplace so they can make a fresh blend at lunchtime. Do what works for you, but my advice, if you’re going to make them yourself, make them fresh! If you don’t fancy making them yourself or shopping for everything, then a version of Super Blend Me! can be delivered freshly frozen and delivered direct to your door from www.juicemasterdelivered.com

How long do the blends stay fresh?

My advice would be to make and drink on the same day (unless freezing).

I work nights so can I adjust the time frames accordingly?

There are three Super Blends  (SB s) a day, and I have set specific time frames for when they should be consumed. These are laid out in the plan itself, but worth repeating and explaining here:

Super Blend 1 8am – 11am

Super Blend 2 1pm – 4pm

Super Blend 3 6pm – 9pm

Your first SB (Super Blend)  should be consumed anytime between 8am and 11am, your second, between 1pm and 4pm with the last one between 6pm and 9pm. Although you can have your SB  at any time within those time frames, there must  be at least  four  hours between finishing one blend and consuming the next one. For example, if you finish drinking your first SB  at 11am, do not  have your next SB  until at least  3pm.  If you work nights,
simply adjust the time frames to suit (still making sure you leave at least 4 hours between each blend).

Is it suitable for children?

Yes and no… I think you, as the parent / guardian, need to be the one who makes the decision as to whether it’s suitable for your child. Kids come in all shapes, ages and sizes and so a blanket yes or no answer simply doesn’t fit here. If you have, say, a twelve-year-old who has a genuine weight problem and maybe suffering from various lifestyle conditions, then I’d personally have no issue at all allowing them to do a Super Blend Me! Challenge. However, if your kid is in good shape, eats relatively well (they’re kids, after all, and need to be kids) then I’d say no, don’t put them on the plan. The last thing you want to do is to create an issue where perhaps there isn’t one. If you are following the plan then sure, make them one or even two a day, but don’t have them do the plan if they don’t have a genuine weight or health issue.

I want to do to the plan but i don’t want to lose weight. What do you advise?

One the beauties of Super Blend Me! is that if you are already lean, you won’t wither away on this plan. You have plenty of plant protein and good fats going in and, taking into account the Hunger SOSs, at least 1,200 calories a day, so your body will regulate naturally. If you are in good shape already, all that happens is that you end up in great shape by the end of the challenge. People who are in pretty good shape and hit the gym love this plan because, in a short space of time, they can get pretty shredded! Clearly, if you don’t have any weight to lose, then don’t pick the 21-day challenge – dip your toe in for seven days and maybe add an extra blend each day if you feel you need it.

I’m extremely overweight and ill, am I better off doing your Super Juice Me! plan?

This completely depends on the individual. If you are someone who is easily put off by the cleaning of the juicer and the extra effort it takes, then the Super Juice Me! 28-day plan isn’t for you, because you won’t actually do it. However, if cleaning your juicer isn’t an issue, then yes, you are (in my opinion) better off doing the Super Juice Me! plan. Whilst I love the simplicity of pure blends, the sheer volume of micronutrients is much greater on a juice only plan and therefore if you are really ill and overweight, then it would certainly be the better option. Please don’t think, however, that you won’t still see significant changes whilst consuming blends, because you will. I just know how stupidly good the results are on Super Juice Me! It’s your call, but if you do either plan for at least 21 days, you’ll be in a different world to the one you are currently in.

I am on medication, should I continue with it whilst on the plan?

Yes, never just stop taking your medication. If you start to feel better throughout the course of the challenge then you may wish to talk to your doctor about the possibility of reducing your dosage, but always do this before taking action.

Can I substitute blends if I don’t like one?

Yes, but not from another book or YouTube video! Not because there aren’t wonderful recipes out there, but because they may not all fit the Super Blend Me! criteria. If you genuinely don’t like one of the Super Blends (how you can’t I don’t know, but just imagine ) then yes, you can substitute with another blend from the book / app that is similar. For example, if you don’t like one of the earthier, green, avocado-based ones, you need to either replace with another green, avocado recipe that you do like, or adjust it so you can drink it – (for instance you might try adding in a little more pineapple). The closer you stick to the recipes I have laid out, the better, but I understand not all recipes will be to everyone’s taste. If it’s just a single ingredient you don’t like / can’t have, you can simply swap it for something else. If you are replacing avocado, do so with a banana and some omega 3,6,9 oil – as you need the good fats!

What’s the best blender on the market for this plan?

Please refer to Rule 3 (page 64).

I’ve finished the challenge and feel so good that I don’t want to stop. Can I just carry on?

Yes. If you still have weight to lose and some health challenges to overcome, there is no reason why you can’t continue for a period. However, what I will say is that living on just blends for a very long period of time isn’t conducive with normal human existence, so unless you really need to continue, for health/weight reasons,  make sure you watch the ‘Life After Super Blend Me! video, which will be available via your account towards the end of the challenge.

What shall I do after the plan?

There are various follow-on options available to you. Jason will go through these in the ‘Life After Super Blend Me!’ video, which you’ll be able to access via your account towards the end of the challenge.

Can I use frozen fruit and veg?

Yes. This is the beauty of Super Blend Me! You can’t juice frozen spinach, kale, berries or avocado – but you can blend them. Most of the ingredients you’ll be using will either be in your cupboard or your freezer, making the plan extremely easy to do and with very little waste.

People around me are telling me it’s dangerous, should I listen?

No. If you encounter anyone saying anything negative about the fact you’re doing this plan, simply tell them to bog off (in the nicest possible way, of course!). It always astounds me that if you have a week full of junk food and alcohol nobody says a word, but the second you have nothing but good nutrition going into your body for a week, all hell breaks loose. It’s dangerous to put your head in an oven, but it’s not dangerous to do Super Blend Me!

Am I better off doing the plan with a friend or family member?

This depends on your friends and family! If you are doing it with someone, please make sure that you understand that your challenge is personal to you. Your success should not depend or rely on whether the person, or people, you are doing it with stay the course. Although on the surface it may appear you have more chance of success when doing it with someone, at times the opposite can happen. If one person gives in, it can often become their sole objective to make sure the other person gives in too (so they don’t look like a failure). It’s also important not to compare your challenge with anyone else’s; whilst the plan is the same, the experience and results will be unique to the individual. Do the challenge with someone by all means, but make sure that if they fail they don’t drag you down with them. This is your challenge and ultimately your success is down to you.

Are the supplement powders 100% necessary for the plan and do I need to get the special Super Blend Me! powders?

Yes and no. The protein powder is 100% necessary and an essential part of the plan, but the green and berry powders are completely optional. Having said that, if you want to make the most of your challenge, then I would include them. All of your nutrition is coming from the Super Blends, so it’s worth making them as nutrient-packed as they can be. As for whether you need to use the specific Super Blend Me! powders, the answer is no, you don’t. I developed the powders to go hand in hand with the plan, but there are many powders on the market to choose from – just do your homework and go for quality. The cheapest is rarely the best, in my experience, and the old saying of you get what you pay for is often true when it comes to supplement powders. As protein powder is the only must have, it’s good to know you can get it almost anywhere. Just avoid things like whey protein if you’re vegan. The Super Blend Me! protein powder is a combination of pea and hemp, which I feel is the perfect plant-based protein powder. Once again though, it’s your choice.

I’m flying today, so what do I do as I can’t take liquids through customs?

Firstly, you shouldn’t really have picked a time for your challenge when you are flying. I appreciate though, that this isn’t always possible, so if you do have to fly here’s what to do. You can either replace your blend at the airport for fruit, energy bars or energy balls. Even on a long flight, a few bananas, good energy bars or homemade energy balls are usually sufficient. In the recipe section of this book I have some cool energy ball recipes which you can currently take through customs, so even if you’re flying you have no excuse. Or, you can simply accept you are flying and that you will need to be more flexible that day. Many just grab a nice salad, which is okay.

Can I do it whilst breastfeeding or pregnant?

Personally I don’t see any problem in doing this whether breastfeeding or pregnant but, as always, please consult your doctor first. Once again, it makes me laugh that if someone eats total crap throughout their pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding they don’t need to ‘consult their doctor’ first. It is the mad world we currently live in, so although I’d say yes, you’re good to go on both fronts, you need to check with a doctor first, regardless of whether they have studied nutrition or not.

Can I smoke / vape?

If you are a smoker, I fully understand (as an ex 2-3 packets a day person) that it’s not simply a case of saying that you can’t smoke on the plan. Nicotine is highly addictive and its invisible pull can be extraordinarily strong. Oh, and if you vape, please be under no illusion that you are free from nicotine addiction – you are as firmly in the trap as any cigarette smoker. Although both smoking and vaping are highly addictive, both can be extremely easy to kick. This sounds like a contradiction, but the addiction to nicotine is around 95% psychological and 5% physical. This means that once you understand how the nicotine trap works, you can release yourself mentally, often even before you’ve had your last cigarette. It would be impossible for me to explain here as it’s a book in itself, so I suggest you download my 100% FREE Stop Smoking In 2hrs app for IOS or Android. You should listen to this before you start, so you can be free of cigarettes / vaping throughout Super Blend Me! and beyond. You probably had no intention of stopping smoking / vaping when you decided to check out this Super Blend Me! thing, but stopping the slavery to nicotine is, without question, the single most important thing you will ever do in your life on the health and freedom front. If you don’t want to do the two together (although there is no reason on earth not to, as you’ll soon realise once you’ve listened to the app) then stop nicotine addiction before you take on the Super Blend Me! Challenge. I saw my beautiful mother suffer the most horrible passing from this world, at the very tender age of just 63, with stage 4 lung cancer, so trust me when I say this will be the last thing you ever want to happen to you. No one wants to go before their time, and don’t you want to free from nicotine’s clutches? It is possible, so download this genuinely FREE app (no in-app purchases and all that nonsense) and free yourself now.

How much water should I drink on the challenge?

There are no hard and fast rules here as everyone is different. How much exercise you do will clearly play a huge part in how much water you need to be drinking, but oddly you will find you have less need for water than usual. This is because:
1. You are living on nothing but hydrating liquids, which naturally cuts down the need for more water.
2. You’re eliminating foods / drinks, such as alcohol and salt. The best gauge of how much water you should be having is, oddly, thirst (I know, radical!). The blanket piece of advice that says we need two litres of water a day is a total myth, with zero evidence to back it up. When I did the Super Blend Me! Challenge I got my hydration through the blends themselves and natural teas. If you are feeling hungry between blends, but not hungry enough to justify a Hunger SOS, I found a large cup of green or mint tea did the job. I also love naturally sparkling water with ice and lemon, again a godsend whilst on this plan.

I have ordered the Super Blend Me! plan from your juice delivery company and the calories seem lower – how come?

The bottles over at Juice Master Delivered are 420ml but when making the recipes at home, they’ll roughly come in at 500ml. To make up the calorie shortfall each delivered plan comes with two Juice SOS energy bars to have each day, in addition to the blends. However, once again, don’t get caught up with the numbers as I will always have your nutritional back covered. Come the end of your Super Blend Me! experience from Juice Master Delivered, you’ll be feeling and looking so good that any concerns about calories, protein, fats or carbs will have gone out the window!

For any enquiries about our frozen delivery service, please contact the team at Juice Master Delivered: info@juicemasterdelivered.com

Health & Wellbeing

I have a specific health condition, will the challenge be ok for me?

We are unable to give out advice regarding health conditions and we advise you speak to your GP. Alternatively, you may want to get in touch with one of our qualified Natural Juice Therapists.

Click here to find out more: www.juicemasteracademy.com/find-a-therapist/

What ‘detox’ symptoms should I expect?

This depends on the individual and everyone reacts differently. Some people have no noticeable symptoms and just crack on with their lives, whilst others really feel it. The main physical symptoms are headaches and tiredness and the reason is often due to withdrawal from refined fats, salt and sugar (all of which are extremely addictive).  If you read the book or watch the videos on the app, you will be in the right frame of mind and chances are you will barely notice any adverse physical symptoms. However, even if you do, know they are very temporary and should last a maximum of 72 hours. If any symptoms persist beyond this point and you are concened, please contact your GP as they may be unrelated to the challenge.